Our scientific interest groups serve as communities for service users, researchers, policymakers, and organizations committed to address the early mortality health disparity in people with SMI through patient-centered outcomes research to discuss research in progress and develop new research proposals. Participating in one of these groups allows potential collaborators to learn about the Lived Experience Research Network data resources, research capabilities, and research priorities. 

Contact us if you have any interest in joining our Collaborative Interest Groups: 

(1) improve the empirical understanding of the direct and indirect social and biological contributions of  trauma on morbidity and early mortality — Lauren Sippel <[email protected]>

(2) advance the role of family support, extended families, and informal support — Project Lead TBD

(3) redefine clinical education to reduce stigma and support clinicians with technological advancements to improve diagnostic accuracy — Project Lead TBD

(4) recognition of the importance co-occurring disorders and early mortality — Joelle Ferron <[email protected]>

(5) advance the science of pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, and choice in medication use — Project Lead TBD

(6) redefine social determinants of health to include outcomes meaningful to people with a diagnosis of an SMI such as loneliness and a sense of belonging — Karen Fortuna & Robert Walker

(7) precision medicine can inform treatment — Andrew Bohm <[email protected]>

(8) redefine system literacy and health literacy — Project Lead TBD


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