If you wish to republish an Aeon Essay, you may do so only under the following conditions:

  • Essays may only be republished after entering into an agreement with us (see below). Up to 250 words may be republished for the purpose of critique or analysis.
  • Please note that Psyche content has different and separate republication terms:
    Psyche Ideas are available for republication for USD 350.
    Psyche Guides are NOT available for republication.
  • Images (photographs and illustrations) may not be reused.

One-time republication arrangements:

Use the ‘Syndicate this essay’ button on the Essay you wish to republish. You will then be asked to complete a short online form and agree to the terms and conditions below. Successful completion of the form will constitute entering into an agreement with Aeon Media Group Ltd to republish the selected Essay.

Terms and Conditions

1. Republication must not take place until you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions and received an agreement by email.

2. Republication is limited to Essay text and does not include accompanying illustrations or photographs originally published by Aeon Media.

3. Aeon Media will charge a flat fee of $650 USD for this republication. For Australian publishers, GST of 10% will apply.

4. Payment is to be received by Aeon Media within 21 days of receipt of invoice.

5. Aeon Media is to be notified in advance of the date of publication via email to

6. The Essay must be republished in full exactly as it appears on the Aeon website, with no alterations, condensing or editing apart from house style, unless by prior arrangement with our republishing coordinator ( Any edits will require editor approval and may take up to five working days. For this purpose, republication refers to both print and audio.

7. When republishing articles in English, Aeon must be credited at the top of the Essay and formatted as follows: ‘This Essay was originally published as [Essay title](hyperlinked to the original essay on our website) on Aeon (hyperlinked to Aeon’s homepage if online, or in print to be followed by Aeon’s homepage address ie’. However, if the article is republished in a foreign language, credit to Aeon can be positioned at the end of the essay, following the same format.

8. If you are using a canonical link element on the page, you must ensure that the link references the article on our site as the preferred version.

Multiple essay republication arrangements:

Aeon offers multiple essay packages at a discounted rate. Requests to republish more than one Aeon essay or to have an ongoing arrangement to republish Aeon essays will be considered and negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Contact our republishing coordinator at

In the event of such an agreement, Aeon reserves the right to revoke the agreement without notice if the agreement is considered by Aeon to be harmful to its interests and reputation.

Use of essays in an educational setting:

Aeon essays may be used in an educational setting so long as they follow the provisions of fair use doctrine. For example, linking to or printing essays for use in a lesson is permissible, whereas including an essay in a course pack requires entering into an agreement with Aeon and paying the associated syndication fee. If there are any questions or confusions about educational usage, please get in touch at We are really pleased to have Aeon content used in educational settings, and in return, ask that you reach out and let us know how you used it in your teaching.

Translation rights:

Aeon is always looking to grow our international readership, and we encourage translations of our content. However, please note that we are only able to provide translation rights under the umbrella of a syndication agreement with the above fees.